Cultural Decline
- Modesty, humility, politeness, honor, and civility are increasingly rare. Vanity, self-celebration, obsession with crass celebrities, and tasteless behavior are increasingly common...
- I recall George Will speaking of the "coarsening of America"...
- The Howard Stern affect... vulgar is confused with funny...
- So much has to be "extreme"... "gonzo this, gonzo that"...
- In so-called "reality" TV shows, most of the people can't speak without language that has to be bleeped out...
- Since the 1960's, much media has been produced that, in effect, normalizes what was formerly bizarre. "Normalizing" what was formerly unacceptable seems to be one of the chief motives of many in the media industry.
- As authentic artistic content has waned, many who produce and market entertainment media have stooped to lower and lower standards to "distinguish" their sorry product. Crudeness has become an artistic ideal.
- These days, the "fashions" sported by many seem to come straight out of prisons and ghettos. Why would someone want to look like a loser convict? Why would boys walk around with their pants sagging down, showing their underwear? Apparently they don't even know how stupid they look.
- For many, the "new casualness" has deteriorated into nothing more than sloppiness... many have become slovenly in appearance...
- If a culture can be judged by who it chooses to elevate to "stardom," we are we are in serious trouble. If a nation can be judged by its heroes, we are we are in serious trouble. When a culture heaps praise and adulation on a bunch of crass, inane characters, that culture is in serious trouble.
 - I'm well aware that some will reject the points made on this page, scoff at me for making them, and call me an old curmudgeon. Consider the "points" on this page - not me. Simply writing me off as this or that is not an argument that stands.

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